A new project .. The 4 Seasons! Here comes the Crown DIY!

As if my mind wasn't already jam packed with all kinds of projects for this year, I decided to take on an old project that's been in my head for years. Now mind you, this project of shooting all four seasons, winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall has already been shot to death, I myself have never tackled it and now seemed as good of a time as any. And, sharing the journey of these projects is something that I hope you will enjoy following as much s I enjoy documenting them.

So, with all that being said, I was of to the drawing board, or in this case, I was off to the never ending boards of Pinterest to get some inspiration. And, since this is January and we are totally submerged into wither, I thought that would be the appropriate season to start with. I've always wanted to do these themes with a flawless model, coordinated with an awesome MUA, and a killer look right in my studio. With all of that in mind, I found myself leaning towards these 4 inspirations from Pinterest ....

For me, each of these looks bring a little something different that I want to play with. In look #1, I liked how the crown, earrings, and dress all have similar looks to them, almost as if they were all made of the same things. Look #2 strikes me eye because I love how the dress has an uber natural look to it with that organic, almost lacy construction. Number 3 is all about that hair, namely how under dressed it is .. rather, I think that will go perfectly coupled with a crown. And speaking of a crown, #4 is just an idea starter for me. It's a little too understated for me, but the upward shape of it is something that I totally want to inspect.

While I was talking on the phone with the make up artist that I chose to bring in on this project, Araina Anderson of Ariana Makeup Artistry, (you should totally go check out her amazing work by the way!) we decided that for this desolate winter look, we didn't want it to be flowery or "girly" so dead sticks was chosen to be the medium of our choice ... I know .. sexy right? ;)

But, before you think I've totally lost my mind, just bear with me for a second. I thought, wouldn't it be cool to have the bodice covered in all white branches? And I could make a crown out of sticks too. Oh oh oh!!! ... and what if I made a necklace too!?!!? (Now I just KNOW that you think I've lost my mind! LOL!

Well, we thought those sticks would be cool too, and so I next have the chore of putting all of this together while Ariana practices her mad powdery white winter look. For me, finding the sticks was super easy ... I only needed to go to my back yard where my awesome oak tree is shedding its weaker winter limbs .. that was step 1.

Step 2 required a little bit of size sorting so that I could mentally wrap my head around where I wanted the pieces to go, and that of course, set me up for step 3 ... the wrapping. In my closet I happened to have one (and I mean only one) wire hanger, and so that became the base form for the crown. Next I raided my son's fishing tackle box a while back and snagged his Spiderwire 20lb fishing line (guess I need to get him a new spool now that I've officially taken over his spool! LOL!) and started the slow process of stringing up the twigs one at a time to the hanger. In step 4 you can now see the slow beginnings of my wintery crown. About 2-3 hours later, I had my completed crown!

BUT!!! The fun doesn't stop there! Since the vision for this look is a White Winter Queen, this brown crown needed one more step ... the paint. For the paint, I simply used what I had in the house (#1) .. cheapo craft paints from Wally-World and a few of my supplies on hand (#2) and lastly, a little bit more time to paint (#3). The bulk of the painting was done in pure white craft paint, but I decided that it was a little too bleached out, so I used a teeny tiny bit of yellow, orange, and red mixed with the same white to at just a touch of depth and warmth. Once all those paints were on to my liking and dry, I decided the crown was still looking a little "flat" to me so I pounced on some silver metallic paint with my stencil brush (not shown), just for a little more kick.

Annnddddd, here's the finished project in all it's glory! I gotta say, not too bad! Stay tuned and be sure to start following this blog to see & read more ... next up ... the White Winter Queen dress to match ;)

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