52 Weeks of Self Portraits: Week 1 - Whites

Yep, as the tittle suggests, I've taken on the rather large challenge of taking 52 self portraits this year. One a week. One every week. And me being me, they will have somewhat of a theme ... color. For the entire month of January, I decided to make the color theme White since many folks I know are dealing with that fluffy white stuff on the ground still. As for me personally, I'm finally living back down in south Texas so hopefully my days of endless snow flurries during the winter are over ... ** fingers crossed**

So, with my color picked for this month, and since this first challenge represents the "blank canvas" of my future weeks ahead with this project, I decided to paint my portrait entirely white with craft paint. Face. Neck. Hair. Hands ... everything! Thankfully I had some fellow photographers over at my house on New Years Eve that were all to eager to help me put together my week 1 image (although, there was a bit of wine involved, so I'm sure that helped a little bit with their eagerness! LOL!

Anywho, first thing first was to get me all painted up. For this step I knew that I only needed to use craft acrylic paint, tap water, and my air gun. This wasn't  hard step at all, but it definitely took several layers of paint to get the look that I wanted.

After that was done, the rest was pretty straight forward. I decided to use my shoot through umbrella as my backdrop, and then I placed a few light boxes to light my face.

And since I had paint all over my hands & face, I broke the "selfie" rules here and had my fellow tog take the shots for me. Thankfully I already had in my head how I wanted the shot to look so it didn't take too many shots to get the image that I was looking for. In all actuality, the final image that I decided to settle on was one of the first 5 shots that we nailed in only a few minutes. The rest of our time together in the studio was mostly just practice time for my friend & fellow togs, Heidi Burckhardt Roberts & Robert Thomson.

As for post processing, before we even took one shot, I knew I wanted to take all the color out of the final image so I converted the image to black and white but then I also ran a quick infra red filter on the image, and Voila! I had my first weeks image!

Be sure to subscribe to this blog as I document and explain the entire 52 week journey here with my readers. Also, I plan on having even more spec detailed backgrounds on each shot through my Patreon page. There I will dive in and share the actual technical details of all the images .. so stay tuned for that announcement of when I get those posts up and running!

In the mean time, here's a quickie little snipped of me getting painted up!