Three reasons why you NEED a professional head shot.

Speaking of head shots, let's talk about the importance and value of having a professional image on your social media:

1. It ads credibility. Think about it, if you are a business professional seeking networking contacts and future business adventures, what says “I’m ready to work” better than a solid professional image of yourself? Have you ever stopped to think about what a selfie image says about you professionally? It can come across as saying “I’m a part time career person that doesn’t take my self seriously, but hey, don’t worry, I’ll take you seriously.” … Um, yeah NO!!!! Taking the time to invest in your professional appearance lets others know that you are serious about yourself and that you will be just as serious about them.

2.  A good shot lets people know who the real “YOU” is. Yep, a strong head shot will not only help to put your best face forward (pun intended here!) but an exquisite shot will exude confidence AND approachability! Even if you are not a camera ham by nature, a great portrait will not only hide that fact, but it can also accentuate that you are willing to step out of your personal box … and potential clients will subconsciously think to themselves  This person can conquer anything … surely they will be great for our team!” Hiring a professional photographer isn't just about finding a person with lots of expensive gear, it's about finding a person who has the skills to bring out the best YOU in every shot. As I like to say, it's your job to be good at what you do, and it's MY job to make you look good at it!

3. And lastly, a good head shot will show that you are a person of the times ... invested in today AND tomorrow’s future. Nothing says “I’m stuck in the past” bigger than a tired old photo of you taken 5+ years ago! Yikes! Just like your personal branding image, your social appearance should be relevant and prove that you have a willingness to celebrate the past but you are also ready to rock out the future. This is why men should consider revamping their head shots at least every 2-3 years, and for the gals it could be every one to two years, depending on how much their looks change with the current fashion trends.

So there you have it … my Top three go-to reasons why you should have a professional head shot ASAP, and to echo that great credit card slogan … “What’s in YOUR portfolio?

When you are ready (and I hope by now you understand the importance of how much you need to be), send me a message today and lets do this thing!!!