Some fun with faces

While reintroducing my head shot studio work again I had the pleasure of shooting Kansas City's own funny man, Patrick Ryan again. This is the second time I've had the pleasure of having him in front of my camera ... and as usual, he totally rocked out the session! Knowing in advance that he was a pro and that we were gonna be able to rock out the images in no time, I had a sudden spark of an idea to play a little with him after we got "the" shots done. But, before I get on to that here's what as few of his many awesome final shots looked like ...

Yep, PERFECTION! So, like I said, I knew I was going to have some time to play and I knew that he trusted me and my crazy visions, so after these were captured, it was time to play around. A few years ago I was first introduced to Patrick while he was an opening MC at a local comedy club and now he's decided to take his mad skills to the next level .. acting. With that in mind, and knowing of his awesomely wide range of facial expressions, I had an idea to create a new Facebook cover image to showcase his many faces.

To set up for my final vision, I turned on the studio light to my camera right and had him start off facing a large reflector placed at his face on camera left. Then we started making some images of him making several goofy faces as he slowly turned towards my camera ... one silly shot at a time. Then, for the "main" image I had him hold still and peer right down the barrel of my lens.

Here's a few of the "rotating" shots ...

From there, I started with a blank template that was specific to Facebook dimensions and ultimately came up with this final image. All things being equal, and for a quick impromptu idea, I am totally digging how it turned out! This is proof positive to me that one should never stop playing and we should never take ourselves to seriously either ;)