Another great shoot in the water

Fall might be knocking at our doors but that doesn't mean that I can't squeak in a few more underwater sessions! Especially since this time we are in one of my models heated pool! Talk about an awesome experience! She had that baby cranked up to 92* and it was WONDERFUL! I sooooo need to get a heater installed in our pool at home!

But, I digress ... on to the shoot. This photoshoot let me work with one of my favorite galls, Amanda Pierce, who is less than two weeks away from jetting off to China with her mother for two years. YEARS!!! How am I gonna live without my favorite girl!?!?!?! I'm not sure how yet, but at least I got one more chance to work with her and this time she introduced me to her lovely friend Ms Clara Simkins! Double yay!!!!

Here a glance at the behind the scenes of our shoot.

Ok, and now for some of the final image! Talk about some stunning shots! And my Ms Amanda gets stronger and stronger every time we work together in the water! LOVE it!