Ready to learn about photography?

Are you ready to learn about photography? Well, I am most definitely ready to teach ya! After a long hiatus from teaching, I have decided to once again start hosting my natural lighting workshops!

 Crazy, right!?!?! I can't believe it's been almost two years since I've hosted one of these events. Time sure did pass by me! But, after hearing from so many people lately that they'd love to take a walk with me and learn some of my trade tips, I decided that it was time to have another class.

During these classes I go over the basics of outdoor lighting, how to find the light, how to 'see' it and most importantly how to manipulate it, Too many times I see newby photographers starting off by ruining a potentially great shot simply because they simply didn't recognize the lighting situation. That being said, I'll be the first to admit that I too had no clue how to see the light, much less how to successfully shoot it on location. I had to learn how to see the light the hard way by spending hours and hours on the web or in the library absorbing all that I could find on the elusive subject of natural lighting. All during those times I found myself silently wishing someone could just walk me through the basics face to face.

So, I began to attend workshops and lectures about lighting and photography and now, after almost 15 years+ of shooting, I find myself giving back by sharing with others what I know. Nothing gets held back, all my secrets are revealed ... ALL of them!

If you live near the Blue Springs, MO area I invite you to SIGN UP for this event and come join us! Can't make it? Then be sure to like & follow me on my Facebook Fan Page where I post tips & tricks, photography articles and behind the scenes videos often! No matter how you find me, I hope you stick around and as always, keep on seeing that light! And don't forget to come back here because you know I'll be sharing images from the workshop!