My camera in the water!!!!

Yes, I have taken the plunge ... literally! After coming back from my super awesome vacation to Hawaii with my husband I decided to take advantage of the underwater housing that I purchased for that trip and put it to use in our pool! Wait, what!?!??!

How crazy awesome is that!?!? Here's what the camera bag looks like ... and yes, it was a little nerve racking to put it in the water for the first time with your camera in it, but everything went well! We all survived! LOL!

Now, onto the research part of this endeavor. I ain't even gonna lie to ya, I had to sit down and do some serious research on just how to go about shooting people in the water and I gotta tell you, the video selection on Youtube is not all I was hoping it could be. The selection of how-to's on the subject of underwater shooting was dismal at best so I ended up rewatching the vidoes that I thought might be worth my time and started to study the things that was being DONE and not so much of what was being said. Heck, I even watched a few videos in a few foreign languages just so I could at least 'see' some tips & tricks. (True story!)

And so, after a few long hours on the internet I bit the bullet and had a few folks come over and play with me. For my first several sessions I will be using my 50mm prime lens, or more like I'm stuck using it because my wide angle died on me last month, so for now I'm limited to doing close up, portrait style shots. But trust me, that's a small feat on it's own especially when you consider that since I'm up close and personal with my models, their faces have to be perfectly relaxed and not looking as if they are holding their breath. Easier said than done!

Here's a few snap shots taken on the two days that I got to play in the water.

For the image above you can see where I had to have my subject held underwater (safely!). Actually, I was having her be held just under the waters' surface so that I could try and capture her reflection on the waters' surface. Here's what the final images from that session looked like of the lovely Amanda Pierce.

In the image above, the person holding the pole is my son and he's actually holding me down into the water as I was floating up to the top to quickly and I knew that I needed to be under my subject. Also, if you look in the water under her you will see a kinda grey thing on the ground. That's actually my reflector that I threw in the water because, just as if I was shooting on the dry land, lighting is lighting is lighting, and I needed some fill light on her face. So to solve my dark dilemma, I placed my reflector on the ground right below her with the silver side up and since the sun was almost shooting straight down on us, I was able to bounce light perfectly into her face even through the water. Easy peasy!!!
Here's the shot from that ... notice the beautiful light under her jawline? She almost glows!

On my second shoot day I was thrilled to be introduced to and work with a male subject, Adal Munguia, and let me tell you, this man was a fish!!! He could stay in the water for what felt like hours! There were a few times that in the middle of shooting him, I came up for air and went back down to keep shooting because he was still posing for me! It was crazy awesome! Here's a few more images from that shoot and I'm supper stoked that I'll be playing again this week, TWICE and yes, I will be back to share more behind the scenes from those sessions as well as what I continue to learn as I shoot!