It's ABC time again!

Yes, I must be totally nuts because I want to do another round of the ABC challenge again! For those of you that are not familiar with this challenge, let me explain. I ran across this project many years ago on line in part of an online photographer’s forum. There were several of us fellow togs that jumped in to participate in the month long challenge. While I haven’t been on that forum in many years, (although I do continue to chat with several of the togs on Facebook to this day!) I never have forgotten my ABCs!

The concept is simple, everyday shoot something that represents a letter in the alphabet starting with the letter A. The next day do the next letter and so on until you have a collection of 26 images. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, yes and no.
Some letters are easier to come up with an idea than others. Think about it, there are many counltess words that start with T or S for example, but not so many W's or Y's!

 What I have also come to learn is that in many cases it might be easy to come up with a letter, but coming up with how to shoot said letter is an entirely different matter altogether! And for extra fun I try to pick a theme for all my letters so that I have a common thread amongst the images … that adds for a level of difficulty as well. I did one challenge shooting with nothing but my Lensbaby. That was fun, especially when I was trying to shoot moving objects. Another challenge was that I forced myself to shoot the entire thing in one day, at one location! That’s a lot harder that you might think, not to mention exhausting!

All that being said, I am here again, contemplating yet another sell imposed challenge! I must be crazy! Why do I keep doing this to myself? Oh, I know ... I keep doing these types of things to keep my creativity fresh and sharp and to push me and my camera in other directions than I normally might go to, all in the name of fun and art! 

So, earlier this week I posted on my Facebook about this challenge and asked for suggestions on what to pick as my topic again and one of my fellow students (and participants!) suggested Black and White and possible nature with that. I think I’m diggin’ the B&W theme because I know that one will be a hard one for me as my imagery is focused on bright and vibrant colors. Shooting B&W while will force me to be more mindful of shape and form. Not to mention that it is very easy to try and shoot B&W but only come up with mediocre muddy grey images. Yes, this could be a very good challenge indeed for me!