Friday, June 27, 2014

An outsiders' view on Art and the Artist

So my husband sparked a conversation piece for my blog today .. it is about art.

What do you consider art?   

When do you consider yourself an artist?

When does one choose to be a part of art?

How do your peers, colleagues, customers 
and friends react to your art?

With those questions at hand, here's what my hubby had to say on the topic ...

"Photography is art and as a artist you want you art seen and for it to inspire, spark conversations and even make it's self available for criticism. And it's your friends (consumers) of your works' job to not only enjoy your work but to share with their friends and have them inspired and so on.

If each consumer of your art just shares with ten people and have each of those share with ten then soon your job as an artist is reached as your art is seen by the masses. Now once 'the art' is inspired and sparks conversation and even criticism then the individuals are ready to make the next step and become part of the processes of the creation of that art. Then it's their turn to not only share but contact the artist to invest in their very own special timeless art making process.

So take the step today, share, post, talk about, and contact for your special experience with Erika the photographer.   Just my thoughts of a blog post for you.  Love you."

Wow! Such insightful thoughts coming from my wonderful husband. I started to want to ask him what sparked this train of thought but before I could ask the question I felt like I came up with the answer.

I had just come off of a photo shoot last night and was beaming with excitement! The shoot was purely for fun. Entirely not my idea. And completely inspirational! I think me regaling the tales of this glorious shoot as I  oozed excitement with every word I said must have led him to such thoughts. And that was a good thing! .. on both our parts!

So in light of his thoughts, I'm going to throw the ball into your courts ... what is your thoughts on art? Where do you want it to move you? What inspires you?

When are you going to make that appointment to be in front of Erika's camera and create something beautiful together!?!?

Life is art. Invest in an artist, E.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Never Stop Learning

Never stop learning.

Never stop pushing yourself. Always surround your self with people better than you are in your industry. Never think you know so much that you don't have the necessity to learn to absorb more. I have personally always felt that a true artist should always push them selves to learn more at every chance that they get. They should never be complacent with what worked yesterday. Tomorrow's vision should always be a mystery and the desire to see that vision to it's fullest capacity should be what gets us out of bed every day.

I realize that I'm starting to sound like a cheesy Hallmark card writer but this train of thinking comes after spending an awesome photography workshop hosted by the group called Foto-Chaos held at the wonderful Red X Collective studio in Kansas City. The awe inspiring teachers shared their skills and knowledge in their field of professions ranging from the following ..

Photoshop ~ taught by Nichole Manner
Fine art photography ~ taught by Tom Krekow
Studio lighting ~ taught by Jessica Edwards
Studio lighting ~ taught by Ryan Brown
Wedding/Engagement posing ~ taught by Abbie Rudolph

Whew ... that was a lot of names to list and if I were to start naming names of all the new photography friends I met at the event this list would practically never end!

Each one of these talented instructors are true masters of their crafts and I could so very easily spend an entire day with each one of them alone to simply absorb what I could of their greatness! My oh my ... what could be learned ... the mind boggling list could be endless but I digress. The purpose of this blog post is to hopefully inspire my readers to follow my lead and never underestimate the urge to learn and grow. If you have found yourself facing a creative block, in a business slow-down or an oddly long funk then perhaps it's time to SNAP OUT OF IT!  And speaking from personal experience with all of the previous mentioned situations I can attest first hand that the best way I found to battle those predicaments is to get up, get out of your house (aka your comfort zone) and go learn something! Nothing can help sweep those cob webs out better and faster than a simple little mind stretching exercise.

I'm doing it again .... I'm starting to sound Hallmarkish again!

Oh well ... just run with it ... just learn something from it  ....

The trick is to Never Stop Learning!

And to prove my point , here's a few of my images that I was honored to get to shoot and learn from. It almost makes me sick to think that I would never even had these images or even had the opportunity to make new friends if I hadn't forced myself to get out of bed and attend this workshop.

Ok, so after looking at these images, did you learn something? I know I did and I have already shared with you so now it's your turn to speak up! What rut are you in? What do you think you could benefit to learn?