Monday, March 24, 2014

Seeing In Black-And-White |

This is a interesting article as well as a great read. Not all images are black & white worthy, but this might help you see which ones are.

Seeing In Black-And-White |

A busy last week

As many of you readers can relate, last week was a big one ... it's called Spring Break! LOL! For many reasons we all decided to take this one easy and just lay low. No plans to go out of town. No big fancy (and expensive) night out. Just some good old fashioned stay-at-home family time.
And for the most part we were right on track with our simple week ... until ... *hears a drum roll*
My poor hubby starts having trouble sleeping due to a reoccurring bad tooth. So it's off he goes to the dentist where they decide to pull it. And yes, just like many others out there, my hubby is a big baby when he's not well.

The pain and extraction lead us into to our Thursday night. Come Friday morning he's throwing up like crazy and balled up on the floor in the fetal position about to die (or so he thought) from stomach pains. So in the still dark hours of Friday morning I poor him into our car and it's off to the ER.
We were thinking a possibly appendix rupture. A few hours and tests later it comes to light that he's got a kidney stone and he will have to stay over at least one night.

Now I know I said we weren't supposed to do anything big for Spring Break and we had all intentions of living up to that goal. However, a tiny little 5mm stone had other plans for us! Thankfully we live close to family so that our kiddos could stay at their house while hubby and I got settled in to enjoy our stay at the luxurious St Mary's hospital where the beds are miserably uncomfortable and the food is guaranteed to always be cold! He was released from the hospital as promised by the next day but was no where close to being all ok yet.

Oh, and in the middle of all this excitement I shot a 2 day fashion event at Union Station and was privy to a networking party for fellow industry movers and shakers.

It is now  Monday morning as I write this blog and I can only hope that this week is as boring as last week was!

Kids go back to school today. Hubby still hasn't passed his stone and yet he's off to work again today as well. I get to go back to my J-O-B today and all the while I still have to edit last weekends pics and get ready for my lighting class this weekend ... oh, and a senior shoot this weekend ... oh, and attend a baby shower on Sunday.

Yep, we sure know how to live the dull life! LOL!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A great Networking Event!

Last night my wonderful new friend and fellow photographer Elizabeth Renee, who also is the owner of The Photo Shop of which I am leasing my studio place from, hosted a Meet & Greet event at the Shop. The purpose of this event was to introduce the Shop and it's four renters .. Elizabeth Renee, Summer Arlint, Shannon Jennings Roberts and myself.

This event started at 7 pm and to our delight we had guests show up as soon as the clock struck 7! The studio guests included a vast array of talented folks that included fellow photographers, videographers, makeup artists, models and even self proclaimed shutter bugs. Visitors cam and went .. but mostly came! We all broke off into little rotating groups and chatted the evening away talking about, what else? ... Photography!

Many thanks goes out to Elizabeth for her putting this event together for the industry business shakers & movers that we all are! I'm sure it will not e the last event of this kind!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Missing Camera

I'm going to title this blog posting The Case of the Missing Camera because, well, my camera is missing!

While shooting an event my camera strap slipped and my camera dropped to the ground taking quite a hit on the end of it. Ghasp!!!

Let me stop to take this moment and reiterate the necessity of having a back up camera. Any photographer worth their salt will always have a back up ready to grab because we have all been in situations that begged for one. I even have a back up for my back up!

Back on point ... I took my camera to a reputable shop (that will remain nameless in this story) and they have lost my camera! LOST it! Crazy right? They don't even have proof that I dropped it off. Even crazier!

Thank Gawd I still had my copy of the ticket. This is one of those cases that reminds us all to hang, on to our paperwork because you just never know when you might need it. And so now the hunt is on for my missing baby. .. I mean camera!

This story is to be continued.. ..

Friday, March 14, 2014

Finally! KCFW is here!!!!!

Charging the batteries.
Formating all the memory cards.
Getting the clothes ready.
Packing the camera bags.
Preparing to get to bed early. 

 OH YEAH!!!! Shooting the Kansas Fashion Week tomorrow is in the air!!!!

Totally excited and honored to be one of the Official Photographers for this event!!! Looking forward to getting some killer shots! Keep your eyes peeled for them!
Did I mention that I was totally excited for this!?!?!

Kansas City Fashion Week Kick Off party

What a blast! I've been chatting with a few folks from the KCFW online for a while and last night I got to put a voice to those wonderful faces! Talk about a treat! There were model, designers, bloggers, coordinators and even just inspired fans! It was a happy thing to discover that there is such talent in this city especially considering when my research showed KC as a not-so fashion forward town. WRONG! Way wrong!!!!

For those of you that are even the slightest moved and motivated by fashion I gladly suggest that you follow along with this weeks event. It is sure to inspire all! I will be there with camera in hand as one of the official photographers so if you are lucky enough to attend this show, please find me to say hello. I'll be the crazy one with the camera running all around the place :)

You can read up about this great event HERE

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I'm hosting a Lighting class!!!!!!!!

Read the following words …

Rembrandt, loop, butterfly, clamshell, main, rim, & back lighting.

Do you know what you just read?...

How about these

Flagging, bounce, reflected or feathered lighting.

Still don’t know what you read? Then this class is for you! Designed just for beginners and enthusiasts, this two hour class will help you understand and recognize the basic principles studio lighting. Whether you are looking into starting a business in photography or just want to learn how to take better pictures of your friends and families, these lighting fundamentals will help jump start your way to taking better images as soon as you finish the class. Not interested in investing into owning your own studio lighting? That’s ok too. Understanding these basic lighting fundamentals is necessary for taking better images with both artificial lights as well as the ultimate soft box … aka the sun!

Sign-ups for this class will be limited to ensure plenty of chances for Q &A so don’t delay on reserving your spot! Plus, as an added bonus, all participants of this class will receive a discount credit of $10 off the next workshop … Understanding the Basics of Photoshop Editing. Designed for after the shoot, you will learn simple yet standard editing tips & trick to help clean up your images. 

Email Erika at  today for registration sign-up and class details.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Old film set finds.

I found all these old film set lights and old movie reels at a sweet little flea market shop. Too bad I couldn't take them all home with me!
I did, however, bring home one roll of film. What kind of crafting light project should I make with it? Suggestions welcome!

Friday, March 7, 2014

A peak a the new studio!

Oh happy days, I've got a studio space again! Just check out all the space that there is to move around in! I can't wait to get the shoots rolling!!!'
Who's first up!?!? LOL!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

So I'm a dork!!!

Why you might ask? I'm a dork because I'm only posting this today Just so I can play with the Blogger app that I just loaded on my phone! LOL!
Ok, now be honest, who here hasn't been able to resist the urge to play with a new app themselves!?!?!? ��

New Studio = New Hours for me :)

With the addition of my new studio I have come to understand that if I want to get any work done on my business then I have to now start getting up with my dear hubby at 4:30 am. Now mind you, I was already getting up with him at the wee hours of the morning to fix him some coffee and make his lunches for the day. The only thing different now is that I don't crawl right into bed once he's gone for the day.

I am not known to be a morning person (just ask our kiddos!) so something tells me that we are gonna be buying a lot more coffee to sustain me in these morning hours! LOL! But, it's all worth it because I now spend my evening hours with my beloved family and reserve my work time for the am when the kiddos are still asleep and I can enjoy a few quiet hours to my self.

Anyone know of a good morning energizer secret that they'd like to share with me? ...

 *grabs pen and paper to take notes*

Monday, March 3, 2014

New Studio Space!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I get a Whoot Whoot!?!?! I am so excited to let everybody know that this weekend I signed a one year contract on a studio space in Blue Springs! Together with 3 other photographers, we all share one large space. It's easy to find, has plenty of parking and most of all, there are plenty of wall plugs! LOL! This weekend I beat the winter storm and was able to take some of my lighting and backdrops to the studio. Next it's gonna be time to take my special flooring setup so that I can be ready to take my signature reflection shots.


Ok, I digress! LOL!  ... I'm thinking that for the entire month of march I'm going to run a super duper special on my maternity & newborn sessions just to get the ball rolling. After thinking of many different special options I have decided to run with a Double the Prints special ... why? Because ho doesn't like a good 2 for 1 special! LOL!