An outsiders' view on Art and the Artist

So my husband sparked a conversation piece for my blog today .. it is about art.

What do you consider art?   

When do you consider yourself an artist?

When does one choose to be a part of art?

How do your peers, colleagues, customers 
and friends react to your art?

With those questions at hand, here's what my hubby had to say on the topic ...

"Photography is art and as a artist you want you art seen and for it to inspire, spark conversations and even make it's self available for criticism. And it's your friends (consumers) of your works' job to not only enjoy your work but to share with their friends and have them inspired and so on.

If each consumer of your art just shares with ten people and have each of those share with ten then soon your job as an artist is reached as your art is seen by the masses. Now once 'the art' is inspired and sparks conversation and even criticism then the individuals are ready to make the next step and become part of the processes of the creation of that art. Then it's their turn to not only share but contact the artist to invest in their very own special timeless art making process.

So take the step today, share, post, talk about, and contact for your special experience with Erika the photographer.   Just my thoughts of a blog post for you.  Love you."

Wow! Such insightful thoughts coming from my wonderful husband. I started to want to ask him what sparked this train of thought but before I could ask the question I felt like I came up with the answer.

I had just come off of a photo shoot last night and was beaming with excitement! The shoot was purely for fun. Entirely not my idea. And completely inspirational! I think me regaling the tales of this glorious shoot as I  oozed excitement with every word I said must have led him to such thoughts. And that was a good thing! .. on both our parts!

So in light of his thoughts, I'm going to throw the ball into your courts ... what is your thoughts on art? Where do you want it to move you? What inspires you?

When are you going to make that appointment to be in front of Erika's camera and create something beautiful together!?!?

Life is art. Invest in an artist, E.