I am an X Man! ... For real!!

At least that's what I told my family! I told them that I am an X Man with a mutated gene! Let me explain ..
A little over a week ago I went to see a new family doctor in my new city and she decided to give me a through once over. We set me up for a pap smear, mammogram, physical and topped it all off with a lengthy visit with the vampires .. just your basic checking under the hood kind of thing. Well, most all of the results have come back and for the most part I'm a vision of health, except for one thing. In one of my blood works it has come to light that I have whats known as the MTHFR gene mutation. MTHFR stands for the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene (methyl-ene-tetra-hydro-folate-reductase). 

I know, that's a mouth full but in my research about this mutation I have come to read that the mutation means that my body can not metabolize folic acids so all those healthy dark greens that I have been eating has been for not. This gene prohibits my body from being able to break down and absorb the acid correctly. The biggest side effects that can result from lack of folic acids are things like depression, anxiety, and  affects clarity & memory

Well that explains a lot! 

That last word ... memory ... is the one that strikes a nerve with me the most. You see, my scatterbrained ways are practically legendary in my family. There are countless jokes and stories on my inability to remember the simplest things ... where I put my keys. What was the last location that I drove too. How long ago did I start the oven ... when was the last time I gassed up the car ... simple things just always seam to escape me ..

For years years I have always chalked of my scatterbrain ways to being a left-handed Leo (which I still stick to that claim!) but now with a little bit more digging I come to find out that their might actually be a medical reason for it! Some other trade marks of this gene disorder are sleep issues, lack of appetite, weight loss, body temperature (my poor hubby is always complaining how my body feels like a furnace at night) mood swings, irritability and poor clarity. 

Ok ... that all just described me to a perfect tee! Who knew that there is an actual medical condition out there that could explain why I am the way I am! LOL!

So how to I treat this? Well I am now under a doctors prescription to take daily folic acid pills ... A LOT of them every day! Basically we are gonna bombard my body with plenty of folic acids with the hopes that even just a little of that stuff will be absorbed into my body instead of just passing through me like it has in the years past. I have read that other folks that have this gene mutation notice a dramatic transformation in their lives just by ingesting more folic acids and so I anxiously await to see if we notice anything different about me. I will keep ya posted ... that is, if I remember too!!

And as a side note, my daughter went online and found a test for me to take ... "Which X Man are you?" i took the test last night but answered too quickly so this morning I retook the test and truly agree with the new results much better. Come to find out I scored as Storm ...

"You are Storm. You are a very strong person, but don't believe you have enough responsibility. You are very opinionated and are not afraid to show it, but you also have a compassionate side."

Yep, I totally agree with that! ... now where did I put down my coffee cup? ....