The ABC's Challenge .. again!

Good Gawd, somebody help me! I have that itch to do my self-imposed ABC's Challenge again!
It's a daily exercise for myself to get me to step out of the box for a while and get the creative juices flowing. The fun is not only to find a creative idea for each letter, but also, how to shoot them! Every day (Mon-Fri) I have to represent the next letter in the ABCs! Fun Fun!

Now mind you, I have already done this challenge twice. Once, just to see if i could do it. Then a second time my husband challenged me to do the challenge with nothing but my favorite little toy, I mean lens, The Lensbaby! I say help me because this challenge always takes the help of my entire family. Coming up with unique and SHOOTABLE letters is half the challenge itself! It requires countless hours of brainstorming and planning. Usually when I'm out and about with the family someone will get an inspirational thought and just blurt it out ... "How about Delightful? ... How could you shoot Obsolete? ... Wonder if you could find an old tire? ...

Things like that. Now WE know what this random spark of conversation is about but to the rest of the world next to us I'm sure we look like a family with a serious case of turrets! The trick we have also found out is to not run out of creative momentum ... especially when we are on letter P or R ... this challenge really is a test of creativity and perseverance.

For this next challenge that's rolling around in my head, I'm thinking I want to push myself and shoot it all in ONE day at ONE location. Crazy right? Well, it's crazy to me when you consider that it has taken me 2-3 weeks to shoot my last two challenges. So, shooting it in one day? At one location? ... Possibly all in Instagram? YIKES! Perhaps i should just stick with my first two parameters ... then again, it wouldn't be a true challenge if I didn't push myself!

Here's a few exmaples of the ABC's Challenge Two ... the Lensbaby challenge ... These images are the letters of my first name ... OHHHH ... OHHHH ... A letter challenge of nothing but letters!!!!

(Someone must really stop me now before I hurt myself! LOL!)