Talk about Yin to the Yang!

Today I found myself needing to mail a letter so off to the post office I go, envelope in hand. In the back of my head I was remembering that I had heard that the postage stamp rate had gone up ... again ... but when did stamps get up to 49 cents!?!?!

This shock suddenly threw me into a realization that yes, the days of hand mailing out letters and bills truly are gone. It's oh-so evident in the understanding that the poor postal service has had to raise the cost of a stamp so high. I can remember for all of my childhood and then into my 20's when stamps were only a quarter. Always had been and was secure in my thoughts that they would most likely always will be.

Boy, was I wrong. Growing up everyone new the price of a stamp. Easy. But I bet you now that if I could stand in front of our kids classrooms and ask them what the going rate was to mail a letter I'd be answered with a bunch of blank stares to the sound of crickets.

(By the way, just as a refresher course, here's what a stamp looked like when I was growing up! Who out there remembers this look!?!?!)

So now lets go back to the title of this blog post, Yin to the Yang. You might be wondering where is the Yin Yang is that I am talking about? Let me take this moment to get to that.

As I'm standing at the postal counter in sticker shock it dawns on me that I don't even have two coins to rub together. As I scrounge through the innards of my purse for the two elusive quarters I am suddenly hit with another epiphany ...

I don't even carry cash anymore!

I mean, like NEVER! If you think about it, who really does anymore. We are all living neck deep into the world of plastic nowadays. And so much to the clerks dismay we had to try and see if I could run a debit card for 45cents ... we could, but I know for a fact I served up that signature with a healthy dose of blush on my cheeks!

And there's my Yin-to-the-Yang. What realization hit me the hardest today? My sticker shock on a postage stamp or the amazement in the knowledge that I also no longer deal in cash transactions, no matter how small!

What are your thoughts?
Am I the only one going crazy here?