See the Light Workshop is HERE!!!!

It's here! It's Here! Sunday May 4th!!! 9-noon!!
Learn how Erika shoots on-location in natural lighting using little to no lighting equipment. This hands on 3 hour workshop will show ALL of Erika’s tricks on how to “See the Light” in your own photography.

Designed for beginners & intermediate enthusiasts or future professional photographers so a DSLR with basic usage knowledge is required to attend this course. Students will be photographing models with professionally done hair & makeup by a good friend of mine, the awesome LatricaSchnepf. This workshop will come complete with print releases from your models for your portfolio.

This is my 3rd season of doing this workshop and I have heard many questions over the years so let’s go over them ..

  1. Does it matter what brand of camera I have?
 Nope! Even though my preferred camera is a Canon (sorry all you Nikon babies!) you will still be able to learn. As long as you have a general idea of how to work your camera body I can teach you how to better use it.

  1. What if I only have one lens?
 Again, no problem. Interestingly enough I started this business over 10 years ago and for many of those years all I had was the kit 35-125mm lens. (ghasp ... did I really just say that outloud!?!? LOL!)

  1. If this is truly a natural lighting workshop, would I still need to bring a flash to attend this course?
 Again, the answer is no ... Sort of. I will explain in great detail how I almost NEVER use a flash on location. That’s not to say that I might not bring out my on camera flash to show you a few tricks so I’d strongly urge you to bring along your flash just in case! (Don’t forget to bring batteries for it!)

  1. Are you really going to share ALL your tips & secrets with the class?
 YEP! Totally! I will become your open book and reveal every little trick and tip I know. In fact, here’s one freebee little tip for ya now ..  Did you know that bright cloudless days are the absolute WORST to shoot in? If not then this class might be just for you!

  1. Why would you give away all of your secrets? Aren't you afraid that you might lose business if one of your students go pro?
 Not at all!! In fact, I have had SEVERAL of my students bravely take off their hobbiest hat and turn their photography passion into a money generating career for them selves and I’d like to think I helped get them there!! Nothing makes me prouder than to see someone blossom in a skill that they love and nothing gives me more joy than thinking that I might have given them a helping hand on their path to happiness. Besides, think of it another way … you could put 3 of the top chiefs in a kitchen together with the same tools and ingredients and ask them to make something simple like a cole slaw. At the end of the day I bet you would get to taste 3 amazing and totally different versions … perhaps sweet … possibly salty … I personally favor the kind with vinegar! It’s all on how each of the chiefs interpret the dish. In the case of photography, it’s all on how we see things through the lens. So you see, there is no real reason for me to hold back in my teachings. We all shoot differently; we all see things differently; we all have our different reasons for picking up a camera so why not HELP anyone that I can on the way to shooting better? … just don’t forget my cole slaw with vinegar when you are buying me a dinner after you have made it big time as a photographer! ;)

  1. What happens after the workshop? Do the lessons end there?
 Of course not! Once the class is over I encourage every single one of my students to go home and share their pics with me via FB. From there the lessons continue as I give you constructive feedback on what you have shown me. To me this is one of the most important aspects of the workshop. After all, what good does it do ya if when you see the images on your computer screen but are still needing to understand what you’re looking for in post?

  1. OK, talking about post work, is it really true that you don’t edit in Photoshop? Are we going to learn that too?
 Why yes, and yes! If you have ever met me or anyone that has worked with me, they would all be able to tell you the same thing  .. “Erika doesn’t edit.” Hence the whole “See the Light” thing. I firmly believe that if you can force yourself to see the lighting and act as if you are shooting on film then you HAVE to learn how to properly shoot without having to edit. Now don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of fun playing with actions and presets in the computer but you have to be working off of a strong image 1st in order for you to come out with a stunning image afterwards. If the lighting is all wrong, or the positioning of the model is unflattering then all the Photoshop edits in the world won’t be able to save a bad image. You have to get it right ‘in the can’ first.

  1. What if I just can’t make this class?
       Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging in the dark, their will be more workshops in the future. In fact,          I’ve even had a few students take the class more than once just so they could experience the lessons in          a new location! (You guys know who you are! Love ya!)

So, the next question is coming from me? What are you waiting for!?!? If you want to learn how to take better photos outdoors either for fun or profit then this is a must-do workshop! Space is limited and will only be available to those that have pre-paid for the course via Paypal. So when you are serious and are ready to take your imagery to the next level, then send an email to to be sent your Paypal invoice.

STILL not sure if this class is for you? Just take a look at some of these sample images I shoot during classes in the past!

(PS, these classes all had the misfortune of being a full-sun type of day but not as if you could tell it by looking at these images .. and that's my point! I will show you how to 'See the Light' like this! I hope you decide to join this workshop! Email me ASAP for your invoice link!