Learning new things

So as I'm sitting here sipping my morning coffee (and it's way to early in the morning for me!) I'm trying to create all these links, tabs, pages and other things to my different sites and it dawns on me that I have no idea what I'm doing! LOL!
Ok, so that's not entirely true but working with all the codes and links can sometimes be a bit daunting. Now mind you, I do consider myself to be a bit computer savvy ... after all I was majoring in computer science in college back when the dinosaurs walked the earth, but do you ever feel like you need to be a rocket scientist sometimes to figure out all this stuff?

I will say that the best way that I personally  have figured out this stuff, besides trail and error (mostly error!) is by watching videos on line. It seams that for very techie thing you want to master, there's probably 50 how-to videos on how to do it. I usually watch a video in it's entirety first and then open the video in another pop-up box, hit replay and then have it playing along side as I go through the steps myself. Perhaps that little tip might work for you as well.

But don't stop there! I have also learned a lot of what I know through books . A LOT of books and I'll let you in a little secret here ... don't always run straight to the big name brand  book retailers. It is always good practice to train your car to make detours at your local donation shops first like a Salvation Army, Goodwill, Savers, Red Racks ... whatever. These awesome little stores are usually all over town, you just need to know where to look for them. Take my 35 mile daily route to work for example. If I go straight to work I pass no less than 3 donation type stores everyday. Now if I were to invest in taking a little 3-4 mile detour on that trip I now have over 6 stores to shop at. What a delight!

I'm a little partial to Salvation army only because those great folks hired me to photograph former First Lady Mrs. Laura Bush at their special induction event back in San Antonio. Which, by the way, don't ever stand in front of a First Lady and explain to her that you will be the one to "Shoot & Flash" her throughout the day. I found out the hard way that the Secret Service tends to frown upon that kind of announcement! But I digress!

When it comes to books in these types of resale shops, most of the times there isn't much technology related stuff and usually if you do  find something on computers it will most likely be on how to reformat your old commodore (Did I just throw a few of us back into a time warp with that one!??!)

BUT, if you are lucky, you just might find a news-worthy publication that can help ya. I find that even if you find a book that has about 2-3 useful tips for ya between it's covers, you probably will have only spent under $5 for that newly found knowledge. PLUS you helped out a worthy cause by patronizing a store with a great cause.
So cant' you see? It's a Win Win all the way around. And even more, I always like to think that a house full of books is a happy home :)

In conclusion, the next time you want to learn something, hit YouTube and then go run to your nearest thrift shop.

Oh, and one more thing ... please share with me what you have learned! Inquiring minds want to know! (HA!!! Bet I threw some of you back again with that!)