Budding trees

Everyday that I drive home down 40 in Blue Springs I pass a nursery. Across the street from this nursery they have a fabulous grove of trees. Currently the saplings are beginning to shake the winter chill and welcome the Spring with blossoms of white, pink & purple. Never having shot them before I just had to take my camera & daughter out to play just before sunset. Here's what we got!

I did time this shoot at an hour before sunset so that I could hopefully get some beautiful back lighting on my daughter. However, when we got on site I found that the setting sun set was getting obstructed too much by the trees. Since I was going to be so far away for my subject, and that I was going to have her walking towards me I had to figure out how to pop some oh-so needed light on the dim side of her face. Solution? Have my son hold a reflector to her side and mirror her walking path.