The Missing Camera

I'm going to title this blog posting The Case of the Missing Camera because, well, my camera is missing!

While shooting an event my camera strap slipped and my camera dropped to the ground taking quite a hit on the end of it. Ghasp!!!

Let me stop to take this moment and reiterate the necessity of having a back up camera. Any photographer worth their salt will always have a back up ready to grab because we have all been in situations that begged for one. I even have a back up for my back up!

Back on point ... I took my camera to a reputable shop (that will remain nameless in this story) and they have lost my camera! LOST it! Crazy right? They don't even have proof that I dropped it off. Even crazier!

Thank Gawd I still had my copy of the ticket. This is one of those cases that reminds us all to hang, on to our paperwork because you just never know when you might need it. And so now the hunt is on for my missing baby. .. I mean camera!

This story is to be continued.. ..