New Studio = New Hours for me :)

With the addition of my new studio I have come to understand that if I want to get any work done on my business then I have to now start getting up with my dear hubby at 4:30 am. Now mind you, I was already getting up with him at the wee hours of the morning to fix him some coffee and make his lunches for the day. The only thing different now is that I don't crawl right into bed once he's gone for the day.

I am not known to be a morning person (just ask our kiddos!) so something tells me that we are gonna be buying a lot more coffee to sustain me in these morning hours! LOL! But, it's all worth it because I now spend my evening hours with my beloved family and reserve my work time for the am when the kiddos are still asleep and I can enjoy a few quiet hours to my self.

Anyone know of a good morning energizer secret that they'd like to share with me? ...

 *grabs pen and paper to take notes*