I'm hosting a Lighting class!!!!!!!!

Read the following words …

Rembrandt, loop, butterfly, clamshell, main, rim, & back lighting.

Do you know what you just read?...

How about these

Flagging, bounce, reflected or feathered lighting.

Still don’t know what you read? Then this class is for you! Designed just for beginners and enthusiasts, this two hour class will help you understand and recognize the basic principles studio lighting. Whether you are looking into starting a business in photography or just want to learn how to take better pictures of your friends and families, these lighting fundamentals will help jump start your way to taking better images as soon as you finish the class. Not interested in investing into owning your own studio lighting? That’s ok too. Understanding these basic lighting fundamentals is necessary for taking better images with both artificial lights as well as the ultimate soft box … aka the sun!

Sign-ups for this class will be limited to ensure plenty of chances for Q &A so don’t delay on reserving your spot! Plus, as an added bonus, all participants of this class will receive a discount credit of $10 off the next workshop … Understanding the Basics of Photoshop Editing. Designed for after the shoot, you will learn simple yet standard editing tips & trick to help clean up your images. 

Email Erika at erikathephotographer@gmail.com  today for registration sign-up and class details.