A great Networking Event!

Last night my wonderful new friend and fellow photographer Elizabeth Renee, who also is the owner of The Photo Shop of which I am leasing my studio place from, hosted a Meet & Greet event at the Shop. The purpose of this event was to introduce the Shop and it's four renters .. Elizabeth Renee, Summer Arlint, Shannon Jennings Roberts and myself.

This event started at 7 pm and to our delight we had guests show up as soon as the clock struck 7! The studio guests included a vast array of talented folks that included fellow photographers, videographers, makeup artists, models and even self proclaimed shutter bugs. Visitors cam and went .. but mostly came! We all broke off into little rotating groups and chatted the evening away talking about, what else? ... Photography!

Many thanks goes out to Elizabeth for her putting this event together for the industry business shakers & movers that we all are! I'm sure it will not e the last event of this kind!