A busy last week

As many of you readers can relate, last week was a big one ... it's called Spring Break! LOL! For many reasons we all decided to take this one easy and just lay low. No plans to go out of town. No big fancy (and expensive) night out. Just some good old fashioned stay-at-home family time.
And for the most part we were right on track with our simple week ... until ... *hears a drum roll*
My poor hubby starts having trouble sleeping due to a reoccurring bad tooth. So it's off he goes to the dentist where they decide to pull it. And yes, just like many others out there, my hubby is a big baby when he's not well.

The pain and extraction lead us into to our Thursday night. Come Friday morning he's throwing up like crazy and balled up on the floor in the fetal position about to die (or so he thought) from stomach pains. So in the still dark hours of Friday morning I poor him into our car and it's off to the ER.
We were thinking a possibly appendix rupture. A few hours and tests later it comes to light that he's got a kidney stone and he will have to stay over at least one night.

Now I know I said we weren't supposed to do anything big for Spring Break and we had all intentions of living up to that goal. However, a tiny little 5mm stone had other plans for us! Thankfully we live close to family so that our kiddos could stay at their house while hubby and I got settled in to enjoy our stay at the luxurious St Mary's hospital where the beds are miserably uncomfortable and the food is guaranteed to always be cold! He was released from the hospital as promised by the next day but was no where close to being all ok yet.

Oh, and in the middle of all this excitement I shot a 2 day fashion event at Union Station and was privy to a networking party for fellow industry movers and shakers.

It is now  Monday morning as I write this blog and I can only hope that this week is as boring as last week was!

Kids go back to school today. Hubby still hasn't passed his stone and yet he's off to work again today as well. I get to go back to my J-O-B today and all the while I still have to edit last weekends pics and get ready for my lighting class this weekend ... oh, and a senior shoot this weekend ... oh, and attend a baby shower on Sunday.

Yep, we sure know how to live the dull life! LOL!