Let the painting begin!!

As with any new house, you will always yearn for new things to put in it. Right?

Well I do ... I'm sure it's just another excuse to buy more things in my hubby's opinion, but for me it's a way to stretch my arms out and play with new things! Having said that, it's just not possible to go out and buy all new things to go into the new house ... but that doesn't mean I cant buy 'almost new' and freshen them up!

So with a plan in mind it was off to the local flea markets with my family in tow. When there we came across these great matching end tables and coffee table that I just had to had. They sang to me right away because of the unusual shape and structure to them. Plus, they weren't all swirly and fancy which just isn't my cup of tea. Upon seeing these tables I knew instantly what I could do with them taking inspiration from my Umbrellas shot taken in San Antonio.

Here's you can see what one looked like after a little bit of sanding.

Next it is full speed ahead with 3 different and BRIGHT shades of spray paint. The plan is to pain them all 3 different colors and then repaint in black. Once the black is all dry I will hit the edges lightly with some fine grit sand paper to gently expose the brighter color under the black. Keep your fingers crossed that this will look as good in person as it does in my head!

Here's 2 colors so far.

Yes, I know they are bright but that's the point!
Keep up with the fun! More to come for sure!