Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting the studio ready!

Little by little we are getting my new studio ready! Am getting so excited! Since my last move destroyed many of my strobe lights (gulp) I have been practically getting ready from scratch! Yesterday I ordered a HUGE black backdrop and I will be purchasing some new studio strobe lights soon.

I commissioned my son to help me take some test shots with the lights that I was lucky enough to still have .. yeah for constant lights!

Here's a few test shots with the 'hot' lights'. They were taken with a combination of the lights plus the constant lights :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The TLC Wedding!

Yes, I got back into business with a bang! A full-boat wedding package! And what fun it was Besides shooting again I had my loving and supportive husband by my side the entire time PLUS we had the pleasure of meeting and working with one of the most wonderful families that you could ever hop to meet!

Here are a few quick shots ... I'll post up more in the next few days to come plus possibly a fun contest or two! ... I gotta find a way to keep ya coming back ;)


Has it really been that long?

Wow! So I looked at the last time I posted on my blog ... sheesh!!! Where does the time go? So much has happened since my last posting that I hardly know where to begin! I guess the biggest deal in my life was that I moved out of San Antonio ... no wait ... I got married! ... no wait ... I'm getting a studio back ... did I mention that I got married!?!?!

OK, so that sums up my life! LOL! Keep your eyes peeled here on my blog for new updates and fun ... and don't worry about me falling off the map again because my awesome hubby is also my business manager and isn't afraid to take off the wedding ring to snap me into working my business! LOL!

Hugs to all ... See ya soon!!!