Today is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, after being gone for over a year, today is the day for me to complete my insertion back into the world by starting up my blogging again! It's almost surreal to think that this simple action of typing my thoughts used to be almost a daily event and oh, how I miss it! Of course I will still update my website and I will absolutely continue chatting on Facebook, but this blog is a bit more personal for me ... not for the mass readers ... not idle chatting about my lunch or a hang-nail. No, this blog will feature my latest shoots, both personal and professional. All the while I will share my insights on how the shoots worked (or sometimes didn''t!)

So please, by all means, enjoy this blog ... come back to visit again and FOR SURE leave your comments and thoughts here too!

Many hugs, E.


HannaH said…
Yay! I enjoy following blogs. You're welcome to investigate mine in all of your free time. It's the best way to know what's really going on in my world. We need to get together soon!