Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A quote for today

Yes, this pic is a bit of an oldie from my library, but when I ran across this quote, I just knew they belonged together :)

One of my favorite families!

Yes, I have been shooting this family for almost the past 3 years now, and they truly are one of my favorites! Just one look at these images and it should be easy to see why!

Oh, and for-the-record ... getting this many awesome shots of a 1&2 two year old pair of toddlers was no pick-nick! I'm still not quite sure how we did it!!! Oh yeah ... we simply had a blast! LOL!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It could happen!

For a little over a year I chose to put down the camera and tend to my children who were struggling with my recent divorce and moves (quite frankly, so was I) and as of only 2 months ago I have been back in action with camera in hand. When I was married I had a studio in my home where I specialised in maternity&newborn photography. In addition, I had models and head shot sessions galore. Needless to say, all those types of photo sessions kept me quite busy ... and my bills paid.

Fast forward to today, the children and I life in a humble, but small house where there is no chance to have my studio back .... BUT ... with in the last two weeks I've had in depth conversations with TWO different folks that just might be able to help me get a studio space again!!!!!!

How awesome is that?!!??!! I know better than to keep my hopes up, but sure doesn't mean that I can't keep my fingers crossed! I'll keep ya posted and if I do get closer to a studio space again y'all will be the first to know about it!! It could happen!

Thanks for reading this blog! Hugs, E.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What to do this year?

Ok, so every year I make it a point to do one great shot of my kids. Spring, summer, fall, studio  ... what ever.  Now that I realize that this year is almost over and I haven't shot them, I'm in full panic mode! LOL!
I was looking back at what I have shot them before (and believe me that what I'm showing here is not even HALF of their pics together!) and I was looking at the variety of shots and past themes. Now the question comes to mind ... what to shoot next! How do I think outside of the box this time?

 What do y'all think? Got any ideas?!?!?! :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's time to talk about FALL!

So these were last years' fall pics of my kiddos. Gotta put on my thinking cap and figure out how to top this shot! Which brings up the subject .. it's time to start booking those fall sessions with me!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Congrats to A&J

So this week I had the chance to shoot the sweetest little weddiing held at Brackenridge park. When I first got booked for this wedding I was so worried about it ... 3 o'clock ... outside ... in September .... YIKES! I thought for sure that it would be miserably hot but no, we were all pleasantly surprised to enjoy a nice 'cool' day!

What a treat!

And speaking of treats, the bride chose to have candy in her flowers! How awesome is that!!?!?!?!?!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daily quote

Over the past few years I have been collecting quotes that strike a cord with me. Some are about photography, most are not. But all of them mean something to me in my own little way. From time to time I will share one here that hits me.

This particular photo of my daughter was taken quite by accident many years ago on a small point & shoot camera. It was, incidentally, my 1st photograph ever published which just goes to prove that good photography is not just about having a killer camera.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Today is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, after being gone for over a year, today is the day for me to complete my insertion back into the world by starting up my blogging again! It's almost surreal to think that this simple action of typing my thoughts used to be almost a daily event and oh, how I miss it! Of course I will still update my website and I will absolutely continue chatting on Facebook, but this blog is a bit more personal for me ... not for the mass readers ... not idle chatting about my lunch or a hang-nail. No, this blog will feature my latest shoots, both personal and professional. All the while I will share my insights on how the shoots worked (or sometimes didn''t!)

So please, by all means, enjoy this blog ... come back to visit again and FOR SURE leave your comments and thoughts here too!

Many hugs, E.